X360 Emulator

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Step #1: You will be able to download the file first

Step #2: Once downloaded, you will be able to open the file and access the instructions.txt or password.txt which in turn will give you a link to get the password in order to access and extract the files.

Step #3: A list of surveys or downloadables will appear to you. These are quick and easy, if you enter false information you will be detected as fake and never be able to download off the network again.

Why protect the emulator with surveys links?
- In order to support the creation of this emulator, we need you to help keep it updated. With that being said, you have to get a password to open and use the emulator.

Also, tons of people would download it and this emulator would end up costing to host it.

Step #4: Complete one of the surveys or downloadables and the password will be unlocked.